Atlanta Water Damage Tips

Tips for Dealing With Water Removal

  • Switch off circuit-breakers furnishing electricity to damp places if suitable. Disconnect and remove any little electrical devices situated on wet carpet or another moist areas.
  • Remove wet carpets or other floor treatments which are not attached. Do not eliminate wall-to-wall carpet.
  • Suspend pin up furniture skirts to prevent contact with damp carpeting and curtains.
  • Wipe furniture and prop up damp cushions for even drying –
  • Put aluminum foil under legs of wood furniture (especially antiques).
  • Eliminate little furniture items to stop corrosion or blots also to facilitate repair.
  • Eliminate books, shoes, paper goods, textiles, potted plants as well as additional items that may stain the carpet (make sure to examine underneath the beds and in closets).
  • Transfer photographs, pictures, artwork and any high-value things into a secure, dry location.
  • Open compartments and cupboard and cabinet doorways to speed the drying process.
  • Get strategies for a restoration crew to move big furniture items onto dry carpeting, wood, garage or closet.


  • Don’t use your house hoover because electrical shock might result together with injury to the hoover.
  • Do Not use video or other appliances on wet carpeting or flooring.
  • Regions since the printer transports don’t put newspaper in the visitors easily
  • Crucial so that from distributing don’t walk on damp carpet a lot more than harm
  • Program in case that it is directly called by the do Not activate the HVAC water or it might disperse pollution
  • Don’t disturb visible mold.